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FleetSpec™ 1220

Hybrid Polyurethane Topcoat

FleetSpec 1220 is a hybrid urethane topcoat that provides for for added flexibility and impact resistance.  Developed to provide excellent exterior durability, flexibility and impact resistance. FleetSpec 1220 is idea for heavy-duty trucks and over the road applications where chip resistance is a key concern. This fast curing coating system offers enhanced productivity, while also providing for long open times with good melt-in and reduced overspray large surfaces. 1220 offers excellent long-term protection in moderate to severe environments and is resistant to salt water, most chemicals, fumes and spills of mild acids and alkalis.  One of our longest lasting and most durable topcoats

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  • Superior flexibility and chip resistance
  • High UV Stability & Gloss Retention
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick flash time
  • Easy to apply with long open times
  • Work trucks
  • Dump Bodies
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Trailers & Chassis

FleetSpec 1220 Technical Data Sheet

FleetSpec 1220 Hybrid Urethane