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Baril Coatings provides final and sustainable solutions for steel protection, industrial product finishing and marine applications. We strive to bring a new dimension to the coatings industry through our commitment to increasing production efficiencies and lowering overall application costs for our customers. We accomplish this through relentless product innovation that reduces cure times, eliminates the need for heat and minimizes waste. Baril’s line of high performance protective coatings combine high efficiency and ease of application with industry leading protection and anti-corrosion characteristics.


To meet the ever-changing demands of our customers, Baril Coatings operates out of multiple facilities around the United States. Each of our locations specializes in the production of low VOC coatings with manufacturing processes certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Strategically located, these plants allow us to quickly deliver any quantity required at a high level of consistency and quality. Our state of the art ColorLinkstm pigmentation platform allows us to match and process any color in can for all single component and 2K coatings quickly and accurately.

Technical Service & Support

Offering industry leading technical support, our team of veteran coating professionals is highly experienced in all aspects of OEM and refinish application. We rely on decades of experience in working alongside our clients to engineer the most optimal solutions available to meet their goals. In addition to coating system design, we provide pre-treatment recommendations, equipment consultation and maintenance. Our customer fulfillment team is dedicated to maintaining full transparency and understands that our clients operate their production lines and paint schedules based on the information they receive from their suppliers. We strive to fulfill orders as quickly as possible while providing real-time order status updates at key points throughout the delivery process.

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