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Tractors, Implements and Other Equipment

Protective coatings within the Agricultural industry require a unique blend of high corrosion resistance, durability and economic efficiency. Baril coatings is pleased to offer a number of high performance OEM Compliant options engineered to meet the significant physical demands associated with agricultural equipment.

In addition to a wide variety of epoxy, zinc and urethane primers and top-coats, Baril offers a unique collection of Dual-Cure™ coating systems designed for outstanding performance and efficiency. This patented line of primers and top-coats ensures the longevity of your agricultural investment by providing industry leading corrosion resistance, flexibility and abrasion resistance. In addition, Dual-Cure™ systems are designed for optimal manufacturing efficiency manifested by 1- hour cure times with no heat required.

Driven by constant innovation, Baril strives to work along-side our customers in offering the latest cutting edge protective coating technology. Our products are backed by an industry leading service commitment and a team of veteran coating professionals committed to providing your organization with the most effective coating solution possible.


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