Universal Alkyd Primer

Bariline 700

Bariline™ 700 Alkyd Primer offers excellent protection against corrosion in most industrial and exterior environments. It exhibits very good adhesion to properly prepared ferrous metals. Offers good exterior durability for short term shop primer use. Contains lead and chromate-free anti-corrosive pigments for excellent corrosion resistance. HAP’s Free and low VOC content. This product is specifically designed as a very good performance, production primer for Baril™ alkyd systems.

  • Decent Corrosion Resistance
  • Fast Dry and Recoat
  • Long Working Time
  • Shop Primer
  • Structural Steel
  • Equipment
  • Tank Exteriors
  • Marine Vessels
  • Vehicles
Performance Characteristics
Impact (Direct & Indirect)
ASTM D-2794
40 in. lbs. / 18 in. lbs.
Chemical Resistance25 MEK Double Rubs*
Flexibility: ISO 1519 /


Cylindrical Mandrel 10mm ISO

1520 Cupping 5-7 mm

Adhesion (cross hatch):

ASTM D3359:

Passes 5B on Treated

Passes Bonderite 1000

Salt Spray

ASTM B117:

Direct to Bonderite Panels

500 hrs.

*all direct to metal chemical corrosion resistance testing completed on SSPC SP 6 blasted steel panels at a DFT of 6-9 mils

Material Properties
Gloss LevelFlat Finish
Density10.74 lbs/gal.
Dry Film Thickness1.5-4.0 mils
Colors AvailableGrey and Red
Pot LifeN/A (single component)
Theoretical Coverage352 sq.ft./gal. @ 2.0 mils DFT
Practical CoverageAs a guideline for airless spraying on large dimension: 70{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72} of theoretical coverage. For small dimensions: 50{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72}