DualCure™ 306

Zinc Rich Primer

Dual Cure 306 is a Zinc Rich Primer designed for maximum corrosion resistance and production efficiency. This unique formulation deploys 86% zinc in the final film, offering industry leading catholic protection against rust and oxidation.

Improve Production

Baril’s 306 Zinc Rich primer is different from other zinc rich epoxy primers that leave a rough finish and are subject and mud-cracking.  This 2-part system that uses highly refined zinc elements and a unique binder to  provide a smooth finish that slicks out in just 30-45 minutes. The rapid cure nature of Baril’s zinc-rich primer allows product finishers to top-coat almost immediately following primer application, saving time and increasing manufacturing throughput.

Corrosion Resistance

DualCure 306 zinc rich primer has a proven long-term track record of superior corrosion protection in the harshest of applications. It is suitable for environments including and up to C-5 (offshore extreme corrosion) as classified in ISO12944-2. For more information or to schedule your free demo, please contact us today.

Zinc Rich Primer Video

zinc rich primer
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Single or Dual-Component
  • Superior Adhesion
  • 86% zinc in dried film
  • 30-45 Minute Recoat
  • No Heat Cure
  • Easy to Mix and Apply
  • Superior Impact Resistance
zinc rich primer
  • Heavy-Duty Machinery
  • Pipes and Fittings
  • Structural Steel
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Vehicles
Performance Characteristics
Impact (Direct & Indirect)180 in. lbs. / 160 in. lbs.
Chemical Resistance100 MEK Double Rubs
Flexibility: ISO 1519/ASTMD 522Cylindrical Mandrel 10mm ISO , 1520 Cupping: 5-7mm
Abrasion Resistance: ASTM D4060Taber CS-17 / 1kg 400 cycles: 150 mg loss
Salt Spray: ASMTB-117 (3 mils 306 ZRU, 3 mils DualCure 174 TopCoat)9600 hours
Acid ResistanceSpills: Good. Fumes: Excellent
Chlorine ResistanceSpills: Good. Fumes: Excellent
Material Properties
Density20.1  lbs./gal ; 2.40 kg/ltr mixed
Solids63{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72} mixed
Dry Film Thickness3.0 – 5.0 mils
Pot Life2- hours mixed @ 68ºF uncovered. May be extended by sealing against moisture.
Dry TimesRe-coat: 15-30 minutes

Top-coat: 45 minutes to 8 hours

To touch: 30 mins

To handle: 1 hour

Theoretical Coverage336 sq.ft. / gal. @ 3.0 mils DFT. 7 mils max thickness