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DualCure™ 306

Zinc Rich Primer

Dual Cure 306 is a Zinc Rich Primer designed for maximum corrosion resistance and production efficiency. This unique formulation deploys 86% zinc in the final film, offering industry leading catholic protection against rust and oxidation. Baril’s 306 Zinc Rich primer is different from other zinc rich epoxy primers that leave a rough finish and are subject and mud-cracking.  This 2-part system uses highly refined zinc elements and a unique binder to  provide a smooth finish that slicks out in just 30-45 minutes. The rapid cure nature of Baril’s zinc-rich primer allows product finishers to top-coat almost immediately following primer application, saving time and increasing manufacturing throughput.

DualCure 306 zinc rich primer has a proven long-term track record of superior corrosion protection in the harshest of applications. It is suitable for environments including and up to C-5 (offshore extreme corrosion) as classified in ISO12944-2. For more information or to schedule your free demo, please contact us today.

  • High Corrosion Resistance (up to 9600 hrs salt-spray; ASTMB117)
  • 86% zinc in dried film
  • 30-45 dry time
  • No Heat Cure
  • Easy to Mix and Apply
  • Heavy-Duty Machinery
  • Steel Tanks & Pipes
  • Structural Steel
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Vehicles
Zinc Rich Primer