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FleetSpec™ 1230

Polyester Polyurethane Topcoat

Fleet-Spec 1230 represents the latest in high-solids high-build paint technology. Easy to spray and a favorite of painters everywhere, FleetSpec™1230 offers outstanding flow and multiple applications without runs. It provides for long-lasting gloss retention and durability while exhibiting excellent chemical resistance. The 1230 provides outstanding coverage and film build when desired. It can be used as a high-performance polyurethane topcoat over properly prepared and primed aluminum, carbon steel, fiberglass, plastics and many other substrates. It allows for multiple back to back applications without runs as well as longer working times for superior ease of use.

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  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Excellent flexibility and chip resistance
  • High UV Stability & Gloss Retention
  • Quick flash time
  • Easy to apply with long open times
  • Applications where an ultra-premium finish is desired
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Custom trucks and trailers
  • Marine applications
  • Aviation

FleetSpec 1230 Technical Data Sheet

FleetSpec 1230