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Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment used in construction, mining and transportation is subject to damage from rigorous use and harsh environmental conditions. These valuable assets require proper protection and ongoing maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs. Baril Coatings is a leading protective coating supplier to the heavy equipment OEM and refinish industry. We are proud to bring a new dimension to this market segment by offering industry leading protection solutions while also helping customers save time and money.

We accomplish this through cutting edge innovation and the manufacturing of patented coating systems that dry in under an hour without the requirement to use heat during the curing process. These systems not only save time and money, they are among the most durable and corrosion resistant coating solutions available in the world today.

Baril coatings offers a full portfolio of coating options, ranging from low cost Alkyds that will outperform any on the market to high performance zinc fortified primers and polyaspartic top-coats. For unique situations where a single coat is required, we also offer single-coat DTM (direct to metal) coatings that dry hard in one hour.

Please contact us today to speak with our veteran technical staff about your project and learn more about how our protective solutions can work for you and your company.


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Contact us today to learn more about how Baril can help you save time and resources with your existing coating program while improving the long-term performance of your agricultural equipment.