High Gloss Polyester / Hybrid Urethane

SteelKote 160

SteelKote™ 160 is a uniquely engineered high performance finish. Developed to provide excellent exterior durability, high strength, flexibility and superior levelling and DOI. This fast curing coating system offers superior performance and enhanced productivity. Long open times allow for optimal melt in while reducing overspray problems on large surfaces. This high gloss product has been designed to offer excellent long term protection in moderate to severe environments. The formulation of this product will resist fresh water, salt water, most chemicals, fumes and spills of mild acids and alkalis. One of our longest lasting, most durable topcoat finishes, SteelKote™ 160 is chip resistant and exhibits exceptional color and gloss retention.

  • Excellent Color and Gloss Retention
  • High Chip Resistance
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Flexibility
  • Long Working Time
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Superior Impact Resistance
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Trailers
  • Implements
  • Containers
  • Structures
  • Containers
  • Marine
Performance Characteristics
Accelerated Weathering:

ISO 11507 / ASTM G154

ISO 2813 / ASTM D523


3,5oo Hours

gloss retention 80{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72}

Florida Black Box ExposurePass 48 months; < 20{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72} gloss loss,

<.5 ΔE color change

Impact (Direct & Indirect)


160 in. lbs.
Chemical Resistance200 MEK Double Rubs*
Flexibility: ISO 1519 / ASTM D522Cylindrical Mandrel 10MM ISO

1520 Cupping 5-7mm

Abrasion Resistance:

ASTM D4060

Taber CS-17 / 1 kg

400 cycles: 150 mg loss

*all direct to metal chemical corrosion resistance testing completed on SSPC SP 6 blasted steel panels at a DFT of 6-9 mils

Material Properties
Gloss Level90º+ High Gloss
Density8.92 lbs/gal. (1.06 kg/ltr) mixed
Solids51{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72} mixed
Dry Film Thickness1.5-3.0 mils
Pot Life2-hours Mixed
Theoretical Coverage401 sq.ft./gal. @ 2.0 mils DFT
Practical CoverageAs a guideline for airless spraying on large dimension: 70{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72} of theoretical coverage. For small dimensions: 50{d19567d3462d58b7cd2bfc0869a29db3f8b9dbad1091a68d0ebed2355250dc72}