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Structural Steel

The best insurance against deterioration caused by humidity, salt and pollutants is selecting the appropriate coating solution right from the start. Baril coatings is a long-time expert in formulating and manufacturing high performance coatings for exposed structural steel. Our systems encompass a wide range of DTM (direct to metal applications) as well as multi-coat application with primers, body and top-coats.

At Baril, we employ the ISO 12944 standard in determining the best steel protection solution for our customers. ISO 12944 is intended to assist engineers and corrosion experts in adopting best practice in corrosion protection of structural steel at new construction. Our veteran coating professionals will work with you to initially determine the specific steel protection needs for your project. Following that we will provide you with the most appropriate option(s) available depending on your environment, use and budgetary needs. Baril provides products for most metal substrates and can provide your organization with protection solutions encompassing everything from high-profile exposed steel beams to handrails.

At Baril, we also specialize in re-finish applications for already placed steel. Depending on the condition of the steel substrate, our line of field-applied coating systems can be applied over existing or newly prepared steel in a variety of manners. Our rust-inhibiting and rust-encapsulating systems are among the most advanced in the industry and can help extend your investment’s life-cycle indefinitely.

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Structural Steel Coatings Brochure

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